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Sugar & Co. was established in 2014 by experienced esthetician, Sara Pauli. Sara’s passion for pioneering a world-class, hair removal product came from noticing inconsistencies with the body sugaring pastes currently found on the market. Destined to find a better solution, she worked vigorously with her sister, Samantha Pauli, to try and find the answer. After researching the sugar paste industry, they quickly understood all the information available did not have any credibility, and the recipes offered produced poor quality results. They sought to create professional products practitioners could work with, clients would adore and were environmentally sustainable.

Sara and Samantha reached out to top-tier, accredited Western University in an effort to help them research and craft the perfect paste. Working closely with Dr. Michael Kerr, a world-renowned organic synthetic chemist, and Joanne Curiel Tejeda, a project intern, they spent months experimenting with a variety of vast ingredients, temperatures and other variables that affect the Sugar. After years and extensive clinical trials, 90 and 96 were finalized - also known as Sugar & Co® Firm and Soft Sugar Paste. Sara and Samantha then began to focus their efforts on developing a training program to educate practitioners in the art of body sugaring®.

With over 10 years in the esthetics industry, the two sisters’ ultimate goal is to improve the industry by further educating practitioners, and providing professional and retail products that will make sugaring a household name.





We are passionate about inspiring and driving sustainable beauty by  delivering all natural, innovative products and services that are environmentally friendly and exceed industry standards.


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Core Values

It’s how we started and how we’ll grow. We will constantly pursue new ideas to improve, change and solve problems. Being creative helps us move forward, learn and discover even more about body sugaring so that we can share it with you.

We would be nothing without our basics: sugar, lemon, and water. They all
come from the Earth and we believe we have a moral obligation and
responsibility to protect our planet. By making environmentally friendly choices and implementing sustainable business practices and operations, we can reduce our carbon footprint and help do our part.

We strive for perfection in everything we do. That’s why we only offer the
highest quality products and education, delivering maximum value and
satisfaction to our customers, every time.

Customer Service
Customers are our first priority and we offer unparalleled customer service to help build prosperous relationships with everyone, from our suppliers to
clients, and everyone in-between.


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Sugar Clique

Left to right: Samantha, Sara, Joanne



Growing up with a passion for beauty, Sara received her advanced esthetics diploma from Elegance in 2006. Focusing on hair removal, she discovered an alternative method, body sugaring, and became a certified sugar practitioner in 2009. After quickly falling in love with the all natural product, Sara decided to specialize in body sugaring.

In 2010 Sara went a step further and became a body sugaring educator and taught classes at Sugarbush Spa and was the educator at Fanshawe College. With over 9 years teaching and real-life sugaring experience, she acquired the knowledge and technique to prosper and be known as the “Sugar Guru.”

Sara successfully launched Sugarbush Spa in 2012; an elite spa dedicated solely to the art of body sugaring, it quickly earned its reputation for providing the best sugaring in the industry, servicing over 700 clients a month.
Encouraged by her determination to improve products currently offered on the market she established a strategic alliance with Western University. Sara knew in order to differentiate and develop a professional product line that she needed to innovate the sugar paste formula. That’s exactly what happened, and in 2014 the sister duo, Sara and Samantha, founded Sugar
& Co. with the desire to provide superior quality products and finally make body sugaring a household name.



While attending Western University, Samantha always had an eagerness to learn but couldn’t find a subject that inspired her. Being interested in the beauty industry from a young age; she started working with her sister, Sara, who inspired her to realize - passion could become her career.

After co-founding Sugar & Co. Samantha attended Fanshawe College for business, and specialized in Human Resources. At this time she also started developing complimentary Sugar & Co. pre and post sugaring products. Researching and testing different ingredients on different skin types helped Samantha narrow down and choose powerful, beneficial ingredients that work. 
Working together with Sara, Samantha designed educational classes that offer top-tier training and education while providing student's different options that fit their individual needs.

Being able to combine her love of people and beauty helped Samantha build Sugar & Co. based on the foundation of high quality professional products, superior education and a dedication and commitment to everyone involved with Sugar & Co.



Joanne was born and raised in the Dominican Republic and moved to Canada at the age of 16. From a very early age, she was exposed to
chemistry as her grandmother is an old-school pharmacist that taught her how to formulate home remedies.

Joanne graduated from Brock University in 2013 with an Honours BSc. in Biochemistry. Her love for science, especially chemistry, led her to pursue her Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry at Western University. She graduated from Western University with her Ph.D in 2017.

Joanne began to work with Sugar & Co. as a research assistant in 2015 as part of a Mitacs internship program during her Ph.D. studies. Since then, Joanne has been working along Sara and Samantha to bring their visions to life by creating all natural quality body sugaring products for practitioners and customers.