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Sugar Vs Wax

Don’t believe the hype, sugar? Discover the difference between body sugaring and waxing, from technique to ingredients, learn why sugaring is becoming the preferred hair removal method worldwide.


Sugar is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic.
Wax contains allergens.

Sugaring prevents and eliminates ingrown hairs by removing dead skin, and the hair correctly from the follicle.
Waxing can cause ingrown hairs by removing hair against the natural direction of growth, and by hardening on the skin surface and breaking off improperly.

Sugar is gentle enough to go over the same area more than once and is less irritating on the skin.
Because wax can adhere to the skin surface it cannot be applied on the same area more than once and irritation after waxing is normal.

Sugar pastes can be used on sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema, varicose veins, etc.
Individuals with certain skin conditions cannot be waxed.

Our favourite part about body sugaring? Eventually the hair follicle depletes leading to hair becoming thinner and less dense producing a reduction in hair growth each time.
Sounds pretty sweet to us.



Sugar paste contains three simple ingredients – sugar, lemon juice & water. Wax contains chemicals, resins & preservatives.

Sugar pastes are water-soluble, you can wash them off with warm water and they cannot adhere to live skin cells ensuring the skin does not lift.

Wax adheres to live skin cells and can remove the top layer of your epidermis.

Bacteria cannot breed or survive in the sugar paste. It can breed in wax and be spread by double dipping.

Sugar is only heated to room temperature.

Wax is heated to a high degree which can
cause burning and discomfort


Science of Body Sugaring

We scienced the sh!t out of it.


How do three ingredients – sugar, lemon juice and water – ingredients we use on a daily basis, come together to form a hair removal paste? 

First each ingredient has its purpose. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, gentle on skin and hypoallergenic. Lemon is a natural preservative and has antimicrobial properties. Water, does everything in-between and links everything together.

To start, heating the sugar changes its molecular structure into a different
conformation. Then, the addition of lemon juice and water causes the sugar to break down into glucose and fructose. Close monitoring and temperature
control allows us to achieve the reaction we need from there and that’s it.
Well, that’s the simple answer. We can’t divulge all our sugar secrets.

There are NO hidden ingredients or additives.


S&C Difference

Our unique sugar paste formula is short, sweet and simple; sugar, lemon
juice and water – that’s it. It’s true all sugar pastes are created from the same ingredients – but not all sugars are created equal. The S&C ® difference is that we focus on studying the molecular structure and properties of our ingredients to manipulate them in order to get the perfect paste. Over years of research and experimenting led us to craft a pliable, stable sugar paste that have two big advantages:


Easy to Use

A common misconception about sugaring is that it is too messy and
uncontrollable to work with. Because the sugar paste can be difficult to
control, especially for beginners, we designed our sugar pastes to be
practitioner friendly. Our sugar is manageable and practitioners have full
control of their paste making it easier to learn, and work with.

Temperature Control

Since the sugar paste is an all natural product, different variables can affect
the quality of the paste. Heat and humidity are the biggest contributing factors but S&C ® sugar pastes are durable and meant to withstand differences in temperature fluctuations. We were able to stabilize our pastes so that they will withstand both and exceed professional expectations.

It is essential to us that all our products include high quality ingredients that have a purpose, no fillers, no extras. We use the power of nature and what it provides to craft our unique formulas that we test on real people, NEVER on our furry friends, so we can see the results and ensure they’re the best.